About Campbell Cloar

Raised in Appalachia, snugly entrenched in what is known as the Bible Belt. I grew up in a different time and in a region for whom God was a literal Presence. God was an entity we could sense as a powerful reality, even in a breath of air stirring in the limbs of willows, or in the sprays of protons streaming down from this incredible ball of gas we name the sun.

I remember my first powerful connection with the entity I refer to as the Presence.

One early summer evening near dusk, I decided to try what my mother had urged me to do. When I asked her how we can communicate with God, she said to just get quiet until I could feel a stillness in the air all around me, and then just reach out honestly to God. “Just talk to Him,” she said.

I remember the quietness of that dusky evening. the cadences of insects, the sounds of tiny frogs, and the movement of the air through the window screen.

I threw myself face down on my bed and called out to Him with all of myself. Within me, from deep inside, I shouted, “Come back now, Jesus!”

And suddenly something so powerful and joyous swept across me, and a rising sense of joy in my heart. I was breathless and wanted to laugh and sing.”

That is the moment I gave my life completely to God in the way Jesus Christ taught us during His ministry on earth.

By the time I was an adolescent, I understood that God was calling me to be a writer.

So glad I didn’t know then how long my journey would be, struggling to describe this message God had put within me. It took more than fifty years. But of course, God was preparing me, and I knew from my upbringing, both from family and the Church, that God requires patience and faith.

And I have learned that God can scare us badly when we fully commit to Him.

The most frightening challenge as God prepared me to deliver this message was law school. I’d already had careers in teaching and broadcast journalism, and my wife and I had three wonderful young children.

One evening, my wife urged me to pray about applying to law school, insisting that God had put this on her heart during her daily prayer time.

I put up quite a struggle against it, reminding her that we had three young children and certainly were not financially secure.

“Just pray about it,” she kept saying.

I was scared, because when I prayed about it I felt God guiding me in that direction. I agreed to apply, but secretly suspected the University of Tennessee College of Law would never invite me to enter their Law program. When I received my acceptance letter that Spring, I was terrified.”

It was an intensely challenging assignment from God. The worst part was that I knew I would never practice Law. I felt like an imposter in law school, and I kept asking why, why, does God want me to do this?”

Now I’m scared because the time has come for me to present to the world the message God has prepared me to deliver.

I’ll just be honest here and tell you that the other day I prayed, “Hey, you have given me an amazing wife, three incredible children, and I have what the Bible describes as the peace that surpasses understanding. I’ll be happy if we just say all this preparation was simply so that I could learn valuable lessons of what it means to develop a deep relationship with You over the course of a lifetime.”

But in His usual gentle and yet unwavering way, God gives me to understand that He has not had me on this challenging five decades-long journey only to let me keep all this to myself and simply enjoy my children and grandchildren.

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I am convinced we are on the brink of a massive spiritual explosion, a spiritual renaissance of unprecedented proportions.

For perhaps the first time in our modern era, here is a book that considers God against the sweeping backdrop of Time and the Universe. Based on the very first verse in the book of Genesis:

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.     Genesis 1:1

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Connections (This will be more detail of why I believe we are on the brink of spiritual renaissance, and can be about what it means to do the work necessary to make God relevant and exciting for our era.)