I am an Original Crew Member at Titanic Museum Attraction in Pigeon Forge, TN. That means I began when the museum opened in 2010. I see the Titanic as a symbol of our instinctive reach –in every era–toward this something we sense out there.

Today we use Science and the adventure of the new technology to satisfy this longing. The Titanic represents this for its era, more than a hundred years ago.

I, too, am fascinated with Science, including physics, astrophysics, and our exploration of the Universe. I do believe, however, that this something we instinctively reach toward in every era is God. Though many past humans have believed so, we have in our own era questioned the very existence of God.

Perhaps we have dismissed God out of hand because this entity that has pursued us through history cannot be quantified with our scientific method.

My new blog, Field Notes, is an attempt to quantify the experience and reality of God. You can see it here at www.campbellcloar.com, or you may want to follow it at Medium.com. Either way, I’d be delighted for you to follow me.

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